Sunday, August 31, 2014


Evening. We went San Jose to church this morning. Brother Beriong taught a great Gospel Doctrine class. Isaiah. . . Standing in Holy Places. Interesting scriptures here. Why "standing in holy places," not sitting, or laying. . . All words are significant when The Lord speaks. Good discussion.

This was the second 5th Sunday where the branch neglected to prepare a combined meeting for Priesthood and Relief Society. Everyone was just milling around wondering what/who. We saw the writing on the wall and left for Sibalom. Turned out Sibalom had prepared a very good lesson on home and visiting teaching. We enjoyed seeing Deolito and many others and are glad we whipped over there. We touched base wit Elder Alforque to test in the morning. We were lucky. San Jose starts a half hour before other branches, so we had plenty of time to make it to Sibalom.

We thought that, perhaps, the plan would have been for Fast Sunday today. Next weekend is District Conference. Looking forward to that. There a good many receiving new callings and advancing in the Priesthood, and the talks will be great, I hope. The Sibalom musical branch will lead the music and I know that will be good. This planning will throw a wrench in Fast Sundays in Sept. with General Conference ripping toward us too.

Busy week coming up. Tomorrow we test two Elders for English proficiency. Tuesday meetings. Wed. and Thursday the Mission is holding a women's conference. Sister Sessions is speaking. She has been preparing for about 10 days straight. I figure it is General Conference caliber. I will try to include it here in a few day.

Friday we may be back in the doldroms . . . But, at least we will be in to September. Man, was August long. I am hoping to find some football on TV? This is basketball heaven and I can't get interested in b-ball til at least Jan. Like to see some college football.

Off to read.

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