Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Miyercoles ang 13

We were notified yesterday, I think, that the school in Salvaation was closed today the teachers were doing an in-service. So, we had nothing for the morning. Francis cancelled on us for the afternoon lesson in language. We had nothing.

We went to the bank and to the church. We found Greg, the custodian/technology guy and he let us in to find the toner cartridge for the copy machine. I got the cartridge out and took it to the copy shop that refills cartridges for us. They needed the model number, which we did not have. We thought toner was toner.

Being constantly frustrated in any effort, we packed up and went to Iloilo. We stopped at the mission home/office and picked up a few things and ordered scriptures to give as presents to new baptized members, along with their baptism certificate. 20 new missionaries were in the gym being welcomed by Sister Aquino.

We went to get groceries and on the way back, we needed to use the CR, so we stopped back at the mission office again. President Aquino brought us in and introduced us to the new missionaries. They were mostly foreigners, Tonga, US, ???. It was fun to see their smiling faces, and a few concerned looks. They will be fine.

Tomorrow transfers occur. We are losing some favorites, and wondering who will be coming. It is a fun time. Sister S and I will zip over to the jeepney/bus terminal to see them off in the morning at 6:45.

The cathedral downtown Iloilo sticking up over the roofs. Iloilo has some pretty cool skylines.
Tigbauan cathedral. Sorry about all the poles and wired. I would like to come paint this picture one day.
Truck load of religious idols. I think they were heading for some decorating in town somewhere for some celebration. We thought it was a truck load of people who were all dressed up. Only one live one here.

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