Monday, August 11, 2014

Lunes ang doce sa Augusto

Pretty good day at church yesterday. I was able to get help from President Gindap to recreate a baptism certificate for Rodney Damasco. All the information is on the church record site, and luckily President Gindap was the branch president in 2005 and baptized and confirmed Rodney. It was easy. I thought the church only kept ordinance records, but  . . .

We were going to take the record to Rodney this afternoon with the Sisters who teach his wife, but Rodney cancelled due to family guests coming from far to visit. We will get it to the Sisters, or deliver it with them another time.

I read scriptures yesterday afternoon and we had branch leaders and the missionaries over to a cottage meeting last evening. We discussed what is going well, what is needed and we set a date for Branch Family Home Evening on September 26 and November 28.

We did a devotional with the Sisters singing "I Need Thee Every Hour to further invite the Spirit. The "get to know you" question was, "What story does your family always tell about you at family gatherings?" It was pretty fun. Some of the responses were really funny. Some were off subject . . . but it all goes to acquaint us with others and their personalities.

We read 2 Nephi 33:10-15 . . . Nephi closes his writing journals by bearing testimony of his writings as the words of the Lord. He talks about standing before the Lord at the last day. I asked what the Spirit told them as they read; what inspiration they received; what stood out to them most?

Answers were very interesting and spiritual. I then asked, "What will be your response regarding the Book of Mormon when you stand before the "Judgement Bar", perhaps standing next to Nephi as you report to the Lord and Father?" The responses were deeper and the Spirit was definitely present.

We knelt on this stinking hard tile floor and President Gindap prayed for our group in English. It was a good time for all, not just fun, but a time which I would definitely regard as "good".
Elder Ramos is our new Zone Leader. He stands at the rear in the blue tie. He is a medic and veteran of the Army. He is a bit older and seems conservative and very obedient. He will do well. We are pleased to have him here. Sister Hena, front right, is the Relief Society President and we were blessed to have her attend. She has not been able to meet with us til last evening. President Amar is the big grinner next to Sister Winward, RM and a fine man. Sister Viliami must have cracked Sister Sessions up.

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