Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Martes ang 26

By the facebook pages, looks like part of the family started school today. Southeastern Idaho has a few more days to enjoy summer. I hated that the western part of the state began starting school in mid-August.

We went to district meetings this morning. We had a good meeting and a good lesson. Elder Gan, the DL from Hamtic conducted and taught . . . the question was,  ". . . why investigators must attend church to become converted?). Good lesson.

We took Elders Miguel and Phelps with us and zipped up to Culasi to meet the Elders there and add to the mapping of the Bugasong Branch. We did all we can. Now we need to get members and branch presidents and Relief Society presidencies to look at the data and help us locate whom they are able. Then, I suppose it becomes legwork. We did get quite a chunk done. We appreciate Elders Saul and Boggs for being so diligent in assisting Elder Miguel, our mapping expert.

Yesterday we went to Guysano for some groceries and some pizza for Sister Sessions. I couldn't eat anything there, but we saw Alan Tagala and had a good visit with him. Alan is a leader here in Antique. I like him. He shared Sister S's pizza. We saw the Elders there and we had a pretty good day. We walked and that sure helped.

Pics from yesterday and today:

Brother Alan is a vivacious local leader in the church and in the government. He is a great proponent of Antique and church activity. I would love to see him in a leadership position in the district or branch.
Grabbing a cup of ice cream before heading back south to drop these Elders off in Bugasong. It was a productive day. I ate fruit salad and it was dang good.

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