Friday, August 8, 2014

Biyernes and 8 sa Augusto

We  met with Francis this morning for our language lesson. It was pretty fun. We are getting better, slowwllly.

Djulito came today and cleaned the place. We took him to lunch at the Steak House and practiced our language on him. That was very fun too.

I picked up Brother Kib at China Bank just after his school day closed and we went to Hamtic to meet Elders Latchumanan and Gan for a lesson in the hills above the University of Antique campus. We met Jim, an American man who moved to Panay with his Filapina wife a few years ago. He is very open minded and has begun to read the Book of Mormon.

Sister Sessions was ill, so I went and we had a nice time visiting about the differences in the two countries and the fun and not so fun things for foreigners. We had a good discussion, under the direction of the Spirit. We prayed and shared scripture and Jim agreed that we might come back next Tuesday and begin lessons. He is a good man. I look forward to going next Tuesday and having my companion come too. She had a powerful testimony to share.

Sister Sessions studying. I was checking the camera battery and sort of liked the pic.                    
 I had a great sit-down with President Amar this morning. I tool some papers over to him and we visited in the street for about 20 minutes. When I left I zipped down to the docks to see what was going on. There was, as most usual, a cement cargo ship tied up and unloading. A fishing boat was also moored there.

I picked up the Elders last evening out in San Pedro. They needed to get to a sister's house to give a blessing and get on back to their apartment. It was after hours for trikes to be running, so I went to help them with a ride. When I got home, this fellow was waiting on the front porch (Djulito calls it a balcony, even though it is raised only about 30 cm).
Pretty good size toad. I see him, or one like him in the garage periodically.

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