Friday, August 15, 2014

Sabado ang 16 Augusto

I exercised this morning and I am waiting for my eggs to boil. Eggs and mangoes for breakfast. I love it.

We receive messages on the facebook regarding how much fun we are having. I must set the record straight. This is not fun. I know fun, and this ain't it. The food sucks, the heat and humidity are, almost, intolerable. I have lost half the hair I arrived with in March. The conditions are way low. If I did not love the Lord, I would bail out of here so stinking fast that there would be only a little whirlwind to mark my departure.

Breakfast hit the spot . . . Back to my journal . . . I have lost 50 lbs. Sister Sessions is not herself. There is literally nothing to do here. The ocean is polluted so badly that one can only look at it and think how pretty the water and skies are. But, there is little swimming, unless one has to to bathe, or try to find food. The mountains are beautiful, but they are jungle and people live there who would snatch a white man for ransom in a heartbeat. There are no movies, people fold up their tents about 6:30, at dark, and either hang-out beside the road, or go in and watch TV. TV sucks because it is either Pinoy and we don't understand the language/s, or it is stuff you see at about 3 am at home . . . some guy selling potato peelers.

The scriptures are still exciting to read and I bought a Sherlock Holmes anthology. I read a little a day so it will last longer. We do a little church work, but when something cancels, it may be the only thing planned for a few days. I have asked for a roster of members so we could go visit. Haven't been able to get anybody to move and they won't allow me on the mls. I will go to the church this morning and sit in the family history library. I doubt anybody will come.

President Aquino will be here today to do leadership meeting. I look forward to attending that. Sister Sessions will teach with Sister Aquino regarding Relief Society. I will listen to President. I hope the branch presidents show up with their leadership teams. . . it has not been so. Magnifying callings is simply not done, it appears. I have met one return missionary who stays busy with his callings (4). The philosophy is, according to Filapino people I have talked to, why do today what you can do tomorrow, or next week.

Yesterday morning we went to Bugasong and helped the Elders move to a different apartment. The one they were in was an absolute hole. President told them to find a new place. After about two months, they were able to find a pretty nice, clean little place. We loaded their stuff and moved them, then took them to lunch.
Another fuzzy picture. Can't seem to get the camera adjusted. Elder Miguel (right) our district leader, and Elder Phelps. We went to Island, something, resto. I could eat nothing, so I had two mango shakes for lunch.

I don't put this stuff on facebook. I will write my true feeling in my journal/blog. If anyone is offended, sorry about that. We do have some wonderful, spiritual moments. We do love a good many of the people, particularly the young native missionaries and President/Sister Aquino and President Villoso.

We have come to deeply appreciate home, our government, our laws, our freedoms, our family. America is clearly not perfect and a large number of people don't keep the commandments. But, it is the best, the greatest, country on earth. I am sorry to see it so divided. We long to be there though.

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