Saturday, August 9, 2014


We went to the Family History Library yesterday at 9:00. Nobody came. Sister Sessions cleaned the church and I worked on trying to get the computer to work and on indexing. I used the laptop for indexing. The computer at the church is about a 1980 model and it is slow as old grannies' plow horse.

We attended the baptism yesterday. It was the weakest we have been to. It was an hour late in starting. The sound had not been turned on so nobody could hear the speakers or the testimony of baptizees. And there were several other things that need to be fine tuned. The services are to be simple and SPIRITUAL. This one was pretty much chaos. The branch president did get down off the stand and talk personally to the sisters, welcoming them. That was definitely the high point. 

We need help. President Aquino is going to train on baptism/baptisms next Saturday, not a moment too soon. The missionaries need to be up on this, as well as missionary leaders and branch/ward leaders. (Handbook 2, pages 23 and 170-172)

Church today was pretty good. Joemar Condes is leaving on his mission Thursday. He spoke and gave a nice talk, but the best was when he read his response letter sent back to the First Presidency after receiving his call. His letter was very spiritual and a testimony. He will do well. He has a fine testimony and is a talented man. The Lord will use him up north. He will be missed here, but it will be a blessing for him and the branch.

I remember my acceptance letter to the First Presidency . . . actually it was not a letter. I didn't know we were actually supposed to write a letter. My letter said, "Okay." The Bishop Hilton thought it was a little bit of an unusual response, but it said all I needed to say. I think Sister Sessions wrote a bit more on her letter, but she can't remember. Maybe we only did the one, very clear, concise, eloquent . . .

I went home after the baptism yesterday and went to bed. I stayed in bed until this morning and I finally felt some better and went to church. President Gindap helped me get a baptism certificate for Rodney Damasco after Sacrament Meeting. I am excited to get the letter to Rodney. Brother Kib and I promised him this about two months ago. Imagine it taking that long in the states. Computers are wonderful, but when they are not working, not so much. I will try to get Brother Kib to go deliver it with me, and the Sisters, on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday eve. The Sisters are teaching Rodney's wife.

We have a cottage meeting here again tonight to thank, plan, and have a little devotional. It will be fun, but is getting pretty big and unwieldy. This will be our last of this sort. We need to plan a branch FHE and set a date for a temple trip to Cebu for adults, and plan to keep visiting the less active.

Sisters Viliami, Villavert, Boni, and Winward, left to right. Boni and I got along swell. We played find on the bench, life savers. Some of you will know the game. Sweet family.
 I am sorry that I didn't get pictures of the other sister, Sister Santiago. She had to take her daughter to the hospital and she was an hour late for the baptism. They were both confirmed this morning in Sacrament.

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