Thursday, August 14, 2014

Huebes ang 14th

We got up a little early and went to the Jeepnie Terminal to see Joemar and Sister Viliami and Sister Rapleye off to their new assignments. Joemar is off to Manila to the MTC and his mission. The Sisters had to be in Iloilo at the mission home for transfers. We will miss them.

 After waving goodbye, we went home, changed clothes, and went to the track to walk. It was pretty hot by the time we got there it was already hot. I wore my sun hat and Sister S walked with an umbrella, but the heat got here after a mile. I struggled 2 and headed for the AC. We went home and She started cleaning the house and I worked on a bamboo stool for painting. I took a few hours and finished an oil painting of a lady washing here clothes near the Sibalom River. I took the photo some months ago and just finished the painting today.
Looks better in real life.
  We went to lunch at Guisanno's and then I went painting with Paolo. Rodel couldn't make it because he was too busy again.

Tomorrow we run up to Bugasong to help the Elders move to new digs. They really need to move, so it will be a pleasure to help them.

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