Friday, August 29, 2014

Sabado ang 30 Augusto

When will this stinking month come to an end . . .

We (mission and district presidency and branch presidents) have been planning for this day to be a day of interviews for those who can advance in the Priesthood and be presented at next weekend's district conference. President Villoso of the mission presidency, whose responsibility in the presidency is Antique, was to start at nine o'clock this morning. Last night at 8:20 he called and notified me that he couldn't be here.

I hustled and sent texts (the best, and in some cases, the only way to contact branch presidents) to district presidents and branch presidents and counselors, that he was not coming and to notify those who were planning to travel to San Jose for interviews. Man was I bummed out.

The one we cannot notify is Deolito (correct spelling finally). Deolito came to work in the yard for us yesterday and we told him about the interviews. He had not been notified by his branch pres. which bummed me out to start, but he told us he would come. Now there will be nobody to interview him and we have no way of letting him know not to come as he lives in the mountains, across a river, and has no electricity or phone.

I cussed a blue streak, for which I am trying to repent, but I still have cuss words on the tip of my tongue, so I am not doing well.

We will go to the church this morning to sit in the Family History Library and study. Nobody will come.

This afternoon the Bertilano boys, Lorna's sons will be baptized. Yesterday and Thursday we hustled around trying to find baptism clothes. I think enough have been rounded up to baptize 5 youngsters at Hamtic this afternoon.

Lessons with James fell through this week. I truly don't feel like there is a desire within him. But, we shall see. We will keep going with the young Elders as needed and, hopefully, the Lord will be working on James.

I texted President Tandoy, of Bugasong  Branch last night right after hearing nobody was coming to interview. Pres. Tandoy had been in contact with me and was planning to send men here today. Pres. (as the missionaries call him) is a farmer, young, and unmarried. He did not serve a mission, but I thought he had, by his demeanor and actions. What a good man he is. I told him not to send his men today and aplolgized. He wrote back,"Okay elder, welcome." I must mention he is not much on speaking English, but he reads English and understands pretty well. I texted back, "Very sorry."

"don't worry we are understand"

"Wish I did, between you and me."  I was ticked at this time.

"ok elder we strive to sustain our leaders" This return message stopped me in my tracks and I realized there was a lesson here . . .

"Good lesson Pres. Thanks. I am just a little bummed. I will keep my mouth shut and sustain."

Pres. must have figured I got the message, because he didn't text back. I was embarrassed and humbled, but not all the way. I am not angry still, but I am very disappointed. It felt like we were moving forward for a change.  I am trying. I am thinking of ways to sustain this morning.

I expect the mission presidency will still want to interview and try to get things ready for district conference, but it starts a week from today, so I see this all coming to the last minute and we will have to scurry around to get things done. I don't believe that is the Lord's way. It seems to be the Filapino way. Beam us the crap up Scotty.

I have been acing as an intermediary between the mission presidency and district presidency. I shall try to get that remedied soon. They need to work together, and I need to be out of the middle. It will make for better communication and leadership in the district.

Planting rice. There is much planting and harvesting right now. The rainy season has provided water for the rice and continues almost daily. It is a labor intensive crop and workers are usually poor and paid in rice. I am not sold on the nutritional value of rice, but they love it here.
Paulo and I painted in the truck Thursday. This was our subject. These people were planting rice. Those little clumps in the water, between us and them, are little bundles or rice shoots. They plant them one by one in the fields. They were working toward us and it was raining all day. They were bent over for hours and hours.

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