Friday, August 22, 2014

Biyernes ang 22

We went to Bugasong this morning. We took the wardrobes up to the Elders so they could hang their clothes. We took President Villavert with us and he took marriage licensing materials up to President Tandoy, the Bugasong Branch President.

We picked up the Elders and went to President Tandoy's house and got him. We tried to work on the computer at the church to map Bugasong Branch. But the wi fi was not working. We went to the Internet Cafe, a little hole in the wall place at the market. Their computers worked well and in just a few minutes, Elder Miguel had the mapping site on working and they began placing home sites on the map. I was pretty excited to see it all get going.

President Aquino wants the branch mapped. It is huge, reaching all the way to the northern tip of Panay, including Boracay. We will get with the Culasi and Tibiao Elders and continue to map. Probably we will go up there Monday. There is much to do, but the branch could be divided and Bugasong could possibly get a new branch building started before too long. There is a good deal of teaching/baptisms going on up there, so  . . .

We went with the Hamtic Elders this afternoon and had a fun lesson with James. We tried to commit him to a baptism date, but he would not. He did commit to be baptized when he knows the Gospel and Book of Mormon are true. He committed to two lessons per week though and I think he recognizes the truth when her hears.
 Liked this old guy riding the jeepney. He was pretty salty, but I couldn't catch him looking.
Out near President Tandoy's place. This is a typical electrical service here. The wires are spliced and hanging. I expect there is a good deal of resistance in the lines. Electrical service here is pretty hap-hazard.
Tomorrow we go to the church and hang out in the FH library. Not really looking to that, but perhaps it will be a good reading/study time.

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