Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lunes ang 18

We went to Hamtic yesterday. We were able to hug Sister Lorna and her boys. They are a sweet family and the boys are getting baptized soon.

President Aquino assigned us to go to Hamtic to help President Nabong get his audit done. We were able to do that. Actually, President Nabong and Brother Mark Cabreros did the work. I sat and encouraged them, I guess. We had a great time, and finding Brother Mark was a pleasure.

He is a returned missionary. He is married to a lovely little bride who sat and waited for him all afternoon. They are destined to lead in the Stake (when it is formed). They will be leading sooner, I am sure. The returned missionaries are so valuable to the Lord.

We met with President Aquino and President Villoso and returned missionaries at the church Saturday morning. It was an actual honor to be included. Many did not come, for instance, Mark. We had a good lesson/devotional and lunch. Sister Sessions made cookies (snicker doodles, oatmeal, and chocolate chip). The cookies were a hit. We had ice cream brought in and Sister Amar and Sister Villavert mad a superb soup/stew of chicken, rice, and vegetables. I could eat it and it was very good. Sister Hena supplied bread from her bakery, but I can't report on the taste. I can report that much bread was devoured so I infer that it was great.

The meeting was spiritual. I can see now why President Gingery told us the importance of returned missionaries in building a stake. I can also see that Antique will progress slowly until we have a good many RM's participating and leading. I am going to keep pushing, and likely making members angry (offending them). If I didn't care, I would keep letting things slide along. They won't have to put up with me too long.

President Villoso (left) and Brother Demata (right). Two find men. Brother Demata is a counselor in the San Jose Branch and a tireless worker with the missionaries visiting less active members. He seems to know everyone . . .
 Terrible pictures. I can't get the camera to work well. I am going to start using Sister Sessions' little camera. It takes good pics, if things are still.

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