Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miyercoles ang 3 Sept.

Talked to Amy a few minutes ago. We lost her connection because our internet is so slow. The internet loads up with people in this part of the world about this time each day, and it is dead slow here now. It will take a long time to load this entry.

Yesterday we attended district meetings and Elder Gan instructed on "teaching people, not lessons." It is one of a few subjects the missionaries keep going over . . . prayer . . . being devastated when investigators don't keep commitments . . . ect. It was a good lesson. He used several Old Testament references as the mission just finished the Old Test. a few months ago and the missionaries memorized several scriptures. Some of the scriptures Elder Gan related were a bit of a reach, but it was good.

We talked about finding. I believe service is the best finding activity. Elder Robbins taught that in Alabama when he visited. He told how right after Hurricane Katrina, proselyting went to zero in Louisiana, but baptisms shot up 600 per cent. All because people were so impressed that the church zoomed in there and helped them so much and the missionaries were smack in the middle of the service. 

We went to James' house with the Hamtic missionaries (Elders Gan and Swan) last evening ant taught him about the first vision. It went pretty well and he is making progress. I could see where knowing the first vision and relating the Phrophet's experience well to investigators brings the Spirit.

I worried about James prior to last evening, thinking perhaps he just enjoyed the company. He commits to read and he does so, sometimes two or three times. He believes in Jesus Christ and that, as Nephi testifies in the last of the 2 Nephi, helps him believe the words of Christ. We had a good lesson with him. I am hopeful that he will be baptized and start on his family.

Today we are getting ready to go to Iloilo for the Sister Missionary Conference. Sister S. made 12 dozen cookies for snacks after a bon-fire this evening. President Aquino asked her to do so. She made cookies for an RM missionary meeting a few weeks ago and they were a big hit. She is also going to speak at the conference this afternoon. She has been preparing hard, so it ought to be good. We leave in about half an hour and the Sister missionaries from here in San Jose are traveling with us.

I got my book back from Brother Kib and did some study in it last evening. The Infinite Atonement by Elder Tad R. Callister. What an amazing book. I do love it and it is so clear and so full of information regarding the atonement. I will reread this book as I do the scriptures, over and over and over again.

More tomorrow, after the conference.

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