Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Huebes ang 21

We went to school yesterday and worked with the 5-6 graders. We tutored math and reading. Fractions are a killer. It is so difficult to understand that we divide 1 into fractions. They can name the fractions, but they really do not understand the concept. It is similar at home. Reading is a little different.

They are reading English. Yesterday we read about a grandmother baking a cherry pie for her daughter. Her daughter (grandmother) baked a pie for her daughter . . . the mother baked a cherry pie for her daughter and on down to the little girl baking a cherry pie for her teddy bear. They bring no experience to the reading, so it is tough for them. They don't know cherries, pies, bears etc. I am thinking of writing some things for them to read in English, using nouns they know so there might be some comprehension along with the decoding of words. Their phonics is funny sounding, but plenty acceptable. We have come to love the kids and teachers already. I gave olins to the kids that worked with me, so I was a hit. Everyone wanted to read with Sir Sessions. (Sir and Maam Sessions)

We zipped to Iloilo in the afternoon and bought some wardrobes for the Bugasong Elders' apartment. They have nowhere to hang their clothing. We will try to run them up tomorrow, or Saturday. We bought groceries and went to MacDonalds for some decent food. I know . . .

We arrived home about 7:30 and I read the BoM to try and catch up with the mission. More to do this morning. I exercised with my back exercises and am writing this for a few minutes, then shower and study scriptures. We paint today, but it is raining like crazy. We will go anyway. Last night it rain and blew hard all the way to the mountains on the south end of the island.
Valley below the school. Mt. Boras in the background. It was a beautiful morning. Rice paddies shown emerald green in the sun. The carabous were plowing and laying in their mud holes. All was well in Antique.

This guy was just grabbing a bite before work.
Salty old dude in Iloilo. He turned at the moment I shot the pic. Dang. The old guys carry their bolos (machetes) even in town.
Iloilo skyline from the bridge near MacDonalds.

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