Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Martes ang 12 sa Augusto

I have no idea if I am writing these dates correctly. Likely not . . . word order in Kinaray-a escapes me.

We went to Zone meetings this morning. The Sisters trained us on baptismal requirements. The Sibalom Elders, Asi and Alforque, taught about the scriptures and they performed an object lesson. The focus of the lesson was on 1 Nephi 8 and the "Tree of Life".

Being the geezer in the group, they made me play Lehi. I was standing at the tree, having partaken of the fruit. Several were blindfolded by missionary ties. The others were divided on each side (The river of filth and the spacious building of jeering people. A cord was used as the iron rod. Elder Alforque held one end I I the other.

The groups, and Lehi, were to snap their fingers only and could not speak or touch the blindfolded. Those in blindfolds were to find their way to the tree and to Lehi. Lehi was also to snap his fingers (one had is crippled enough from arthritis that he only had one snapping hand). I snapped at a constant rhythm to help, but some of the others in the river and building copied to make it tougher on those seeking.

Elders Asi and Alforque spun the blind around to make it difficult to find Lehi and the tree (mist of darkness). They listened, moved carefully, some found the iron rod and followed it to Lehi. Sariah (Sister S) listened and moved carefully closer and closer. I grabbed her when she got close. When others got close to me I grabbed them and pulled them to the tree as well.

Only one never found the tree, but wandered the whole time.

We then took our seats and discussed the lessons/ramifications of the exercise. It was extremely powerful. Relating all the actors, actions, parts of the story, experiences . . . likening the scriptures and lesson to ourselves was mightily instructive. Sister Sessions and I want to do this with our family when we get home. I have read the dream so many times, but never has it been so instructive as playing it out and discussing the play.

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera all day. So, no pics of the meeting. I went to Sibalom and met Djulito after and we walked around the market. I got my pocket knife sharpened, bought some potatoes, and met several members. I tried to practice some language, but it was difficult, and the sun was beating down and my back was killing me. There were some scenes way worth photographing, loaded jeepnies, people selling all sorts of food and items; third world items that most would not believe. No camera . . .Duh!
Sometimes I wonder if we will want to remember much of this anyway.

Talked to Brother Potato regarding a little sick girl. I think things will work out for her. Her brother Axel will likely die soon. I feel so sorry for the family, but Axel will have Eternal life guaranteed and all will work out. Axel will pull.

Sandy and I went to Santiago's for lunch . . . beef and broccoli over white rice and a Coke O. It was just okay. We have been home for a few hours and Sister S. took a nap. We are gearing up to go walk as soon as the sun lets up a bit.

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