Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Miyercoles ang 5 Augusto

We went to district meetings this morning. Sister Sessions bought cakes yesterday for Sister Dotillos' birthday and we shared them after meetings. Our district was taught by the Bugasong Elders and Elder Miguel specifically. When he teaches, he always starts with apologies for his abilities. Every time he teaches, it is obvious that he prepares by the Spirit. The scriptures he uses are right on and usually point back to investigators with whom the missionaries currently work. They are super . . . so, naturally, I chewed him out in a loving way and told him to stop apologizing for great lessons. It sounds a little strange. Great lesson today about teaching with the Spirit.

I had a great meeting with Presidents Villavert and Amar this morning after districts. We met for nearly two hours and discussed calling people, advancing priesthood holders, planning for the meetings coming in the next weeks, and planning for District Conference. I hope they are as good as their word, that they would get going on callings and the work.

Sister Sessions has hurt herself washing the porch we think. She is getting better amat-amat (little by little). She has problems with taking a deep breath, like she did when she cracked a rib. I am doing fine. I walked tonight and stopped by the church to visit with our language teacher and President Gindap. I stopped and bought some fuel for the truck so we have plenty to go up to the school in the morning. Their card reader was down. I gave them a thousand pesos and just after they started pumping, we had a brown-out. I had to wait while they started a generator. While we waited, but guy tried to help me with some kinaray-a words. We had fun and I told him kita kita ay liwat as I left (See you again, I think). The people always smile and laugh when I speak to them, so I have no idea if I am saying things correctly. They like it anyway.

Craqy Sister Viliami

Hot rod cycle. Yes, that is Bob Marley on the tank.

Elder Ortiz and his cell mates.

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