Friday, August 1, 2014

Biyernes ang 1st

We left for Culasi at 8:00 this morning after leaving a note and pesos for Djulito. We hauled chairs up  and had a nice drive through a bit of rain. When we got home we heard that a typhoon hit San Jose this morning. I don't know what that means except there was a strong wind. There was no debris lying about, so one would never have known. We left before it came through this morning, evidently. Djulito said he couldn't get here until 12:30 due to the storm.

We helped the missionaries move chairs and some furniture to a new building along the highway in Culasi where they will hold church for a time. It is a lot nicer than the place in the alleyway where they previously met. They are getting around 50 in attendance each Sunday, so it will be nice for them to have the extra chairs and a nicer space. It is interesting, exciting, gratifying that the members do what they have to do to meet. When we went about a month ago, it was the most spiritual meeting we have been to in Antique.

We stopped at Mamamia's Resto for lunch on the way back. There is an Italian guy married to a tiny Filapina lady and they have an Italian restaurant on the beach. Sister Sessions had lasagna and I had chicken and potatoes. It was actually some of the best food I have had in some time. Her's was not hot, so it was not as good as it could have been. She is ill with flu-like symptoms and her back and hips ache. I am feeling some better, but I take huge amounts of medicine trying to feel well.

I did some errands when we got home, trying to help the district presidency plan for the upcoming leadership training and District Conference. We want to get on top of all the planning as soon as possible.

I met with Brother Kib and was invited to go with the missionaries in Hamtic, I believe, and teach a man from the U.S. I am excited to go. Kib is going to find out when the missionaries have another appointment and will let me know.

We went to walk tonight, but Sister Sessions only made two laps and she got sick. She waited in the car while I finished my two miles. I even jogged 4 straightaways. . . more of a double-time actually. That is a ton for me, and something I have not done in years. The first lap was a killer while my ankle loosened up enough to walk straight. After, I started feeling much better and tried the double-time.

We open the Family History Lab at the church in the morning at 9:00. I hope Sister Sessions feels well enough to go with me, and I hope I don't get the flu. It knocks me down. I expect I will someday die of the flu.

She has taken some Aleve and that usually is the only thing that helps me through the sore muscles and chills. Hope she is okay.

Didn't take any pics today. We got a nice letter from Elder Schaffer and it really encouraged us. We were so down yesterday from not having one thing to do, except mess with doctors. I am going to bed a bit happier than yesterday, except for Sister S.

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