Monday, August 4, 2014

Lunes and 4 Augusto

We had a good cottage meeting/devotional last evening with the young missionaries. We talked about what we have been doing, needs, and news. We studied the scriptures together and had a good meal of potatoes and chili and cheese etc.

Elder Ortiz and Elder Lundgren sang a capella. The Spirit came about mid-hymn.
We had a long picture taking session and really had a fun time bidding Elder Ortiz very fond farewell. We will be seeing him periodically before he heads home. What a great missionary. We love him. (Sister Sessions hugged him and said, "We love you Elder." He whispered in her ear, "I knew that beforehand." He is pretty much a spiritual giant.

One of the house Gecko last evening outside the dining room. This all we have seen of him, cut we hear him each morning about 5:30. He sings out about 5-6 times, then quits (sort of a 'gah-ko').
We took Elder Ortiz to Iloilo this morning to the mission home. He was a little bummed by having to leave so unexpectedly, but he had an uplifting time when we arrived. There were several missionaries about; some sick, some transferring around, some testing in English. We had a good interview with President Aquino.

We were asked to help President Villavert and President Amor arrange for a meeting with all return missionaries, old and young, male and female on the 16th. The will be enlisted to help get the stake going. He gave me some specific orders to pass on to the presidents. I set up a meeting at 10:30 tomorrow morning after District Meetings. He also told Sister Sessions and me to go visiting (home/visiting teaching) on days when nothing is going on. We will start tomorrow afternoon. We may need to find a volunteer to help us locate some of these folks, but we look forward to the assignment. I have been accompanying the missionaries at times, but we will try to fly on our own a bit. It ought to be a cartoon with the amount of language we have. We can ask where the toilet (CR) is, and what's your name etc. That's pretty much it. Hope they have some English reception skills.

Gave Sister Sessions a blessing last night with Elder Orgiz anointing and Elder Lundgren standing in. She had a pretty good night of sleep and is getting better. I am feeling pert, but stiff without my little anti-inflammatories that were chewing up my gut. Feeling better, happier, hungry for some good food.

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