Thursday, July 31, 2014

Huwebes and 31 Julio

Finally, it is over. That was one long month. Looking for a better month in August and one in which I will feel better. I think the Zone had a good month and will start with a bang Saturday, but personally, it was not a great one.

We worked at school yesterday and had a tough time getting there. The rains have washed huge ruts in the roads and the roads weren't all that great to start. I had practically nothing to do in 5th and 6th grade. Sister Sessions took individual 3rd and 4th graders to the kindergarten classroom and helped them with reading and math. I helped a little with decimals.

I fasted last night for medical tests this morning. My tests turned out pretty well, but I have to help my kidneys to heal and stay on a better diet. The meds I am now taking make me feel like I have had no sleep in days. Reminds me of how I felt after a night of guard duty.

Today we did nothing. I did the doctor and Sister Sessions cleaned the walk in front of the house. It was getting slippery from moss due to the rains. It has been pretty warm today and hasn't rained, yet. It is very muggy and not comfortable.

Tomorrow morning we are hauling chairs for meetings to Culasi, about 100 km to the northwest. We look forward to going, just to have something to do. Saturday we are opening the family history lab at the church from 9-noon. I am pretty certain nobody will come, so I have been trying to get indexing going on Family Search.

I did a batch from the Philippines, but had trouble with it, so I don't even know if it went through. I was able to do the data entry, but the order of the entry was all screwed up. I may have wasted my time. We'll see.

A few pics:
Caught this old gal walking along in the rain hootin' on a stogie. The old women seem to love their cigars. I haven't seen any men smoking these, but I expect they do. Not a good picture because we were moving.

Sister Sessions must have taken this one while she waited in the truck. I was waiting to get medical tests and they weren't quite ready for me.

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