Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marso 2, 2014

Our setting apart yesterday was worth the wait. We had a wonderful conversation with President Christensen and he set me apart first. He added a tremendous blessing of health, ability, and assured the love of the Savior and he promised a closeness to the people of our mission. I wish I could remember the exact words, but I can testify that I felt the Spirit, and still do. The mantle of missionary is back. It is not a wonder that I felt so lost after our release from the Alabama Birmingham Mission.

I got to then stand in to set Sandy (Sister Sessions) apart. Her blessing was equally strong, with particular focus that the Lord loves her and is proud of her (I teared up), that she would be an excellent teacher and that she would be instrumental in helping young missionaries far from home and homesick. We were both promised blessings regarding scripture study and the Spirit bringing to memory what we need to do and say. She was promised that her family would be watched over by the Lord. (Put us both at ease.)

Our trip to SLC was uneventful. We bask in the good feelings of our family, our blessings, and the Spirit. I do love it so.

8:46 pm . . . We went to the tabernacle and watched "Music and the Spoken Word" this morning. It has been a great many years since I went before. It was great. We went through the Visitor Center where the old museums used to be and the Conference Center. We looked at the art again.

Ryan and Cami and the girls got to Salt Lake about 3:30/ We visited them and went to dinner and then watched them swim for a time. We will see them in the morning just before we head to Provo. It has been a beautiful day in Salt Lake and we enjoyed the temple grounds and missionaries.

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