Friday, March 28, 2014

Sabado Morning 4:56 am
3:00 in Idaho . . .Marso

We had a fun day yesterday. We went to Hamtic and Dao inspecting apartments. The coast line is very pretty, even prettier than up to Bugasong. I walked out on the  beach and felt the water. I have been hearing that the water was warm. I didn't want it to be warm. The ocean, to me, is supposed to be cool. The water was much like the ocean felt in Jamaica, very pleasant. I tasted it. It was pretty much like other places. I know, duh . . .

I picked up some shells and plan to epoxy them to some white plate for a palette. I drew one picture while here. No time. But, as we manage our time a little better, I should get some time to putz around with painting a bit. PICs

We went to Hamtic, to Sister Bertolano's farm again last night. We had a Home Evening with her, her sons, and the Elders. We gave the spiritual thought. We talked about the commandments being gifts/blessings from Heavenly Father and how they relate to Heavenly Father's Plan vs Lucifer's Plan. We tried to make it easy so the children could understand too. Sister Sessions made brownies. They were great, but I think they were too sweet for the Filipinos. We played games and the loser each time had to get a black (lipstick) mark on their face. The one with the most marks before time for treat had to dance. It was pretty fun. The camera was out in the truck, a long way off, so I missed pictures of that, but it was really fun. We will play when we get home.

We played "bebo" (means smart in Tagalog). starting at number 1, the group counts around the circle as far as they can go, but on numbers ending in 3,6, or 9, the number is replaced by sat ying bebo. When there is a mistake, you get a mark on your face. You must listen and think at the same time. 1,2,bebo,4,5,bebo,7,8,bebo,10,11,12,bebo . . . and on.

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