Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Marso 2014
845 pm

We got home a few minutes ago. We taught this morning and acted as investigators for another couple. We were to roll play a less active couple. It was pretty good, but it was tough to act when we don't know the back story to a less active person. We found that the only way to teach people was to clear up their questions, problems, confusions regarding doctrine, then we can teach. Knowing only the problem that seemed on the surface, didn't give information enough to teach with the Spirit. Our other roll plays this week were with people acting, but presenting their own stories and problems from their history. It is like real.
Yesterday, George and I were looking at the scriptures. He had tears in his eyes. So did I. It seemed real.

We later sat with George at lunch and his story/problems/needs, were true. Although he was acting, the lesson was strong because of the Spirit attending. Valuable experience. Scares the heck out of one, but it is a good way to learn.

We had a good week. It passed rather quickly. We met some fine people. Our district was naturally the best. We really believe that. The four couples in the district were serious and dug into the scriptures and really sought the Spirit. We were lucky to be in such a group. Our instructors were excellent young return missionaries. We liked the brother in charge of the senior missionary training, but saw little of him.

We will get some rest tonight and then start tomorrow to get down to serious packing. We have to pick up our glasses and clean out the fridge and just do all sorts of things to get ready to head to the other side of the Earth.

This brings to mind one of the wonderful things about the MTC. The missionaries visit with one another in their new languages. They travel to strange new places. I met an Elder this morning, in the bathroom, who is heading to Amsterdam next week. Another (not in the bathroom) from Samoa, going to Japan. A senior couple left yesterday for Nepal. Three of hundreds of world travelers at the MTC "today". . . The Lord's church is truly a world-wide phenomenon. So, the food stank, but the Spirit of the place is spectacular.

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