Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marso 14
Found some of the photos I thought we lost. I really wanted to keep the office Elders welcoming us to the mission home. These are some fine Elders. We love them already. They have been such a blessing getting us adjusted. They will take us to San Jose, Antique this morning.

Yesterday we got our driver's licenses. It was an ordeal. . . Strange physical, photos,questionnaires, money, but we learned a little language. I practiced driving last evening. There are no stop signs, no traffic lights, no speed limits. Lanes are just a suggestion and you pass when you have the guts. Larger vehicles have the right of way. Pedestrians have no status, motorcycles pass on all sides and at any time. Ryan would love this place. The tricycles double as cabs and as trucks. I want one.

Got to get ready to go. Higugma kam'o (I think this means love you). Learning amat-amat (little by little). Halong

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