Thursday, March 20, 2014

20 Marso 2014

We got up early and drove to Iloilo this morning. I got permission from the President to leave our area and go get some items we were unable to find here. We bought lots of stuff and hauled a load of books, pamphlets, cards and mail back to the zone. It was a fruitful day. I had a good conversation with one of the men helping us at the MS mall. I gave him a card and the number for Elder Matalang. Who knows if he will call, but maybe he will go to the website and get straight information regarding Mormons, if nothing else.

We bought an air conditioner to help cool the place down. There is one in the bedroom that about freezes us out at night, but the place has too much square footage for that one to cool the whole place. I hope this little one we bought will help cool the place down so we can be a bit more comfortable.

We went to MacDonalds for lunch. It was packed. We sat with a German man who told me he was an atheist. He said, "Do you believe?" I showed him the badge and had a hard time not saying "duh!" I told him that I did, indeed, believe.

On the other side of us was an elderly Filipino couple from Fremont, CA. We talked to them and they seemed to enjoy the attention. We shook hands with both of them and left. We had a little communication problem, or I would have asked them to listen to the message. I was out of cards. We have got to get sharper. . .

We stopped by the mission office and picked up a bunch of media for the zone. The Zone is putting on "Fornoi" on April 2 in San Jose. The missionaries will wear native "Baron" clothing and sing and invite the people to participate and investigate. It ought to be fun. President Aquino gave it his blessing and he is happy that the missionaries are getting creative. I will try to add some pictures of them in native costume tomorrow.

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  1. It is good to see and hear you sounding well and happy. I love your descriptive writing. I can almost see the view in my minds eye. Keep writing so in case we never get there, we will know how life in the phillipines really is. Love you two!