Friday, February 28, 2014

Pebrero 28, 2014
Biyernes (Friday)

Strange week. Last night we were to be set apart. Michael, Amy, and Tommy were present with their families, but no stake president. I was a little torqued, to say the least, as we have had an appointment for two weeks. But, we are supposedly booked for setting apart tomorrow morning at 10:00, just prior to us getting on the road to Salt Lake. It will work-out.

We are ready to go, and tired of getting ready to go. I have been exercising, we have the apartment rented, I have literally thousands of pills bottled and ready for the next 18 months. I have strengthened myself a bit and feel pretty good about getting busy. We got our hair cuts yesterday. I have to try on pants this afternoon. Our shots are complete. We have our credit and debit cards updated and our drivers licenses. I have been studying the internet to see what the island of Panay is like, and I am still trying to learn some Hiligaynon. We gave numbers to the neighbors who will keep and eye on the house this morning. Life is good.

I will tire of the MTC pretty rapidly, but look forward to a week of Preach My Gospel and scripture study. It will be spiritual, fun, and interesting. We will see Ryan and his family Sunday and report to the MTC at 10:40 Monday. We are taking our car and will return to Caldwell on Friday evening, late. Saturday we will be busy repacking and leaving suits and heavy clothes behind. We will rent a car and return to SLC and get a motel close to the airport so we can turn in the car and catch a plane Monday morning.

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