Thursday, March 13, 2014

 Sister Sessions and I having a bag of soda. They recycle the little bottles, so we bought a couple of small 7 UPs and they pour them inside a plastic bag, add a straw, and you are set. Can't remember the weird name of the little store, but they line the roads.

13 Marso 2014 Huebes Having a tough time with this since I downloaded the new system on the ipad, and I screwed something up on the camera, so I don't have some pictures I wanted to share. It is 3:50 am. A rooster is crowing outside the mission home. He is up early. We went to a bangko (bank) last night with the AP's (Assistants to the President) and changed dollars to pesos. We got a little taste oflife and visited with the AP's. They do drive wildly in Iloilo. More about that later. We are going to get driver's licenses this morning. It will take about 4 hours. After that we are scheduled to meet with the Taylors and President. I will add more later. I wish I could figure out the camera/picture thing. Hopefully the office Elders will help me. President called me to be secretary for the Mission Presidency. I am making an agenda template for them to use in meetings.

Here is a picture of the mission home and President and Sister Aquino with us outside the office today. I threw in a couple of jeepneys for fun. Jeepneys are strange open air buses that cost little to ride and people smat inside them and on top and hang from the back. Note the beautiful flowers along the road behind the jeepney.

A picture of the ward building here in the mission home compound is included here.

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