Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marso 5, 2014

Good day at the MTC. We were scheduled to teach today, a 45 minute lesson. Everyone was tight, even though we were roll playing. The MTC brings in people to act as investigators and one cannot tell if they are for real or not. Ours ought to get the academy award for his performance today.

Even though it is only roll playing, the Spirit is very strong. I remember the same thing from last time we were here. Even when we practice in our little room, two on two, the Spirit is strong.

Last night I had the impression to get on the ipad and search out scriptuers regarding our relationship to Father in Heaven. I was so tired that I just went to bed. About 5:15 this morning, I got the same prompting. I got up, said my prayers, and went to work on finding scriptures. I marked several that I remembered and some that seemed new (I have read them many times, but. . . ). I marked them and wondered if they would be of use and if it was really the Spirit prompting me.

Sister Sessions and I went to our appointed person, an older gentleman who had lost his wife and three of 6 children. We questioned him and got to know him and we both knew we needed to teach the Plan of Salvation. He indicated in the questioning that his children and his wife were members of the church. I asked, "Do you have any questions about the church?" He told me that he thought it strange that our church believed in so many Gods, Jehova, God the Father, Jesus, Yaweh . . . He also shared that he didn't know about the idea of the pre-mortal world and the resurrection. I then knew why the Spirit took me to the scriptures this morning.

We shared that the very first article of faith and told him we only believe in Father, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. We then went to the scriptures teaching about our premortal childhood with a Loving Heavenly Father. It was powerful. I am finding it true, the Spirit loves the scriptures and He loves teaching about the Father and the Son.

We then taught a quick lesson on Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and the Saviours central role. We committed him to pray to know that God is his father, and we bore testimony to him. I can't tell the whole 45 minutes, but it was dang cool. Sister Sessions still teaches with warmth and conviction that people seem to enjoy. What a fun experience with the Spirit. The Spirit has been strong with us ever since our setting apart. I am afraid to lose Him.

A few pictures. Sister S. has a black eye from moving furniture last week, so she wouldn't get in the picture near the big map. I don't know why. It is far enough away. . . I did snag one of here coming up the hall toward the chow hall. Pretty good food today for a change.         Halong                                                                

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