Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marso 12, 2014

At Manilla Airport waiting for our last leg. I think we took our first hosing at luggage check-in.

We attired in Mawnilla at 10:30 pm last evening after losing one day. It was weird to check the sun at midnight our Idaho time and see it was so bright and cloudy over the ocean. Daylight wise, we spent one day, one long stinking day, flying. I did fine and it was easier than I worried about. I thought about the saying again: "Our worst fears and our fondest dreams are seldom realized." So, it did no good to worry for so many weeks

Waiting to fly out to Iloilo in a few minutes. Much more later today. It has. Been a fun adventure.

12:45 pm Philippines
We landed at Iloilo Airport about 9:30 this morning. We slept a few hours at the Manila airport Hotel last night. Pretty funny. There was no hot water. I did not mind, but Sister Sessions was not well pleased. She said,"Brian warned us about this.

We got to the airport and all went pretty well except they nailed us about $350 for extra bags/ weight that SLC said was fine. Then I sent my carry on bag through the x-Ray, which has been done at least three times previously in all stops and they detected three 30-06 rounds in my bag. What was weird is we could note they disappeared into the bag lining.  locate an opening whereby the rounds had been stored and gone un-noticed. We finally cut into the bag and removed them. I think I put them in there at Christmas to give Chance for the M-1, and forgot them. Who knows.

We had a quick flight to Iloilo and were met by President and Sister Aquino. We went to the mission home, a jewel in the middle of a very low socio economic area. I was expecting Iloilo to be more modern. There may be places that are more like home, but we have not seen them. Yet, we are loving it for some reason.

I have been unable to download pictures of the AP's and office missionaries meeting/greeting us, but will try to get more from one of Elders more later.


  1. So glad to hear things are easier on you then you anticipated! Relieved to see a post and know that things are good. We have been thinking about you guys all day!

  2. WOW!!! I can't say that it's particularly comforting that you were able to fly on three planes with that in your bag and no one else noticed. But I'm glad it didn't get you thrown in holding or anything! So glad to know that you guys have made it!