Friday, March 21, 2014

Marso 22

We went to a baptism in Hamtic this morning. There was a family of 7 baptized, but no brother involved. We don't know the whole story.

We got home a few minutes ago and I checked the e-mail. Heidi tells me that some pictures are not coming through on the blog. I have tried to use the i-pad at times and one would think it would be simple to add pictures, but I have had nothing but problems when using the i-pad for blogging. I am trying the laptop again and here are a few pictures we took on the way to Hamtic this morning. One is of a farmer's house out in the middle of what I think are rice paddies.

There is a river close by and they must flood the paddies, then wait for them to recede enough to plant. The other is a picture of fishing boats parked up in the said river mouth. Checking to see if the pictures get through.

The last is of the baptism. Just for fun. I know you don't know any of these folks, but this is the Hamtic building, one of three nice buildings. The other two branches meet in, not so nice, buildings, but they are easily accessible by walking or trike ride.

Elder Nambio and the baptizees. . . Guapo Missionary (by his own admission). The five older sisters all bore their testimonies. There were a few tears, but I thought how brave they are as brand new members to share their testimony. It was a pretty good meeting . . . pretty good only because we can't understand most of what they are saying.
Let me know if the pictures come through.

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  1. Got the pictures!! Thank you! I had mom over today to view your blog, and was sorry not to be able to see the pictures. Oh well....thanks for working it out. I have missed learning through you! Glad you're back on the program. (ha!)