Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sabado Evening
Marso 29

Long day. We at 5:30 . . . the prettiest time of day here. I then hauled the Zone Leaders up to Bugasong to interview 11-12 for baptism. They were then going this afternoon to Dao to interview several more. They are going strong toward a Stake here in Antique.

It was hot out and the Elders had to walk about a mile, zig zagging through rice paddies to get to the farm house (The family name is Celestial, no joke . . .the Elders told them it was a perfect name).

These two guys in the picture carried a rice separating machine across the rice paddies back to where we were waiting in the truck.  They carried it on a bamboo pole. Both men were bare foot and had not an ounce of fat on them.

A little "Hurrah for Israel" photo.

We drove back to San Jose and dropped the Elders off so they could get a bite to eat and catch a jeepney to Dao. We are having company tomorrow night, so we had to go get some things and Sister Sessions is at a Relief Society meeting that is scheduled from 3-7:00 pm. I can't imagine what they are doing. I have to pick her up at the branch building.

Tomorrow we plan to attend at the Sibalom building and start meeting the members and Branch Presidency there. It should be fun. They are the only branch in the district with a choir. Looking for good Sabbath.
Tethered fighting cock next to the house where we waited on the missionaries. There are rooster farms where they raise these birds and they love to see them fight. The Filipinos also love horse and carabao fights. The carabaos push each other like bull elk, until one gives up. Elk fight for minutes. Carabaos fight for half and hour to an hour before one gives up. Here are some preparing a rice paddy near Bugasong today. It was about 99 degrees out there.They are so stinking strong. I saw one pulling a plow yesterday and they were plowing deep. They average about 2300 lbs I am told. The farmers control them with a brass ring through their nose. But they seem to imprint on the farmer and do whatever they are asked.
This is sort of an old guy pulling a little load for an old farer. You can see his nose ring and how they lash the lead to the horn and  off they go. I'd rather have an elephant, but these are pretty cool creatures.Going to read the scriptures. I have not had a chance today. Andam

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