Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marso 31

We had a good Sabbath. We attended at Sibalom and met a brother that really impressed us. He lives way out in the hills and has to cross a river to get to the road so he can catch a trike to town. We sat with him and enjoyed the classes. We told him we were impressed by his faithfulness. He is less active and his wife and children are not members. We hope to fix that. His name is Deolito Dalut (pronounced Julito). Please mention him in your prayers. He ought to be a leader by the time Antique District becomes a stake.

The Sibalom chapel is in the middle of town, right next to the town plaza (square and market). They were holding Catholic services at the same time and they were so loud that it was difficult to concentrate on the Sacrament, but we made it through.

Last evening we had the District President and his family come over and President and Sister Aquino and the Sisters and Zone Leaders and Assitants to the President. We ate and they played games and talked. It was tough to have so many warm bodys in the warm house, but it was fun.A crazy picture and a serious one.

Here are some houses we saw last week. Sister Sessions wanted to show a normal concrete house and there is one that is sort of a mansion.

These are two pretty nice places. The vast majority of people live in native huts. The concrete house is typical of one under construction. They will paint them up with bright colors, like carnival colors when completed. Most all have metal roofs and the metal roofs now are brightly colored. This last one is pretty spectacular. We have seen nothing else like it in Antique, but we haven't been further north than Bugasong. They northern point of the island is a tourist destination and may have some spectacular houses.

Interviews today at 10:30 at the branch building. We are pleased to meet with President Aquino and look forward to reporting our progress. Better get showered. We walked this morning and face timed the family. Still hoping to connect with Ryan and his.  Andam

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  1. Hey! I recognize that family! I served in Hamtic back in 2007 and Pres. Villavert was still Dist. Pres. back then. I got to know Grace fairly well as she spent some time in the states after I got back from the mission. I saw her at a few missionary get-togethers. Great family. Say hello for me. I love seeing all of the pictures on your blog. Antique is such a beautiful place.