Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is a photo I want to keep. I was hollering around the hills yesterday, "I love this stuff!" and I had found a good walking stick after falling into the gully. I find that 3 points of contact with the earth makes for better stability. You may be able to see that I am soaked through with sweat.

Today is Huwebes (Thursday in Ilonggo). I have been spelling it wrong, and a few other words as well. We went inspecting apartments, driving from San Jose to Sibalom and on to Bugasong. The middle syllable is emphasized on the single word names.

The missionaries were pretty dang good on their area books, which contain records of lessons and investigators and addresses; here it is street names and map like drawings of the buildings. Weird, but that's how they locate things. Tell a trike driver the name of the street and perhaps a name, and they will take you where you want to go.

Sister Sessions rewarded the missionaries for Celestial apartments. That means their area books were up to date, their plan books were in good use, they have a 72 hour kit, they have a stash of emergency funds, and they are working on their English acquisition, and their apartments are clean as possible. They loved it. I don't think they get Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies often. You'd think she gave them gold.

We took the Elders in Bugasong to lunch. They had pizza and Halo halo. That is a sort of milkshake type thing with purple ice cream, coconut milk, pinaple, banana, kiwi, shaved ice, beans, and jello chunks. Halo halo means "everything". They are not bad, but the beans and jello chunks sort of put me off. I had Pepsi and so did Sister S. She ate pizza with the Elders, but I ordered milk fish and rice. Big mistake. The rice was okay, but the fish stank.

We drove around some after dropping the Elders off so they could get to work. The area from Bugasong north is prettier the further you proceed north. We went about 30 kilometers and turned back. We went to the store and bought cookies for tomorrow's inspections and Sister Sessions met with the San Jose Sisters about their dresses for Foreignoy. We are tired, but it is a good tired again. Tomorrow we will get the chance to teach again and will go back to the mountains for Family Home Evening with the sisters we taught yesterday. We look forward to the fun.

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