Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marso 26th

What a great missionary day. This is what we have been waiting for. We walked early, then went and checked on the Sisters. They texted us, but did not return our answering text. They were fine, just wanted Sister Sessions to help them with making skirts for the Foreignoy thing next Wednesday. We then picked up the Hamtic Elders and went off to the hills.

We taught two Sisters and parts of their families. The Elders taught in Tagalog, but we could pick up a little and we were called upon to bear testimony to the law of chastity and what it has done for us in our lives and the Plan of Salvation. We went to Sister Butolano's house first. They own a farm in the mountains out of Hamtic. Here are some pictures of her and her family with the missionaries and the surrounding area. We had to drive down a jeep road to get back in to them. I loved it.
Sister Bertulano is staying off coffee and has been having head aches. We gave her a blessing. She has a baptism date April 26. She is feels the Spirit and recognizes the Gospel. Here are some more pictures around their house:Yes, I did fall down going down the bank. The Elders were concerned, but Sister Sessions calmed them down telling them that if I didn't fall down, it was no adventure. Reminds me of climbing around with the Elders in the hills of Jamaica. I do love it so.
Helen (Sister Saraza)'s house they are building. They were the second lesson on down the canyon. Here is she and here daughter. There was another little girl, but she was to shy, but I got a picture of her up stairs in the old house they are leaving.
Elders Christensen and Cabatuando are very masterful teachers. They shared the lessons and testified for each other. We told Elder Cabatuando he better study his English as he will likely be a General Authority from the Philippines in a few years. They are good ones . . .

Humpin' the boonies:I found a walking stick after falling down the path. I know I look okay here, but I was dirty and sweating like a mad man. I was wet through my shirt and pants. There was a little breeze, so it wasn't so bad. It was one great afternoon. The Sisters are coming over tonight for some sewing help. We have some ice cream for them.

Did I report cooking the shrimp last evening? I cut off the heads, peeled them, veined them, and cooked them in olive oil and some garlic. That is all we had, but man were they good. I need to get back to the fish market. Heck with dorado . . . I'm going shrimp for a while.

I am thankful for the missionary experience today. Both Sisters felt the Spirit, as did we. They both have baptism dates. It will be the start of celestial families. Dang cool.


  1. Awesome, Wonderful pictures and events! What a treasured adventure you are having! Love love seeing the smiles on your faces!

  2. Love the pictures of Elder Christensen, our son!! THANKS!