Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marso 4,2014

We just got in from the Tuesday night devotional. Elder Aidukaitis (first quorum of seventy) and his wife spoke to the missionaries. They were great. We were pretty tired, but they still held our attention. The auditorium was only about 3/4 full. Last time we attended it was overflowing. A bunch of missionaries left today and 500 come in tomorrow, so it will be full again next Tuesday. The volunteer missionary choir was excellent and pretty much impromptu.

We studied teaching and roll played all day today. Tomorrow we meet a volunteer who we are to teach on our own. I'm not too nervous, but it will be good to get over.

I am very excited about scripture study again. I wish I knew more and could retain better. It is such a revelatory experience every day. Sister Aidukaitis said is was like someone adds verses and chapters at night, magically, so you read new things all the time. She and Elder A. are from Brazil. Neat people.

No pictures today. We had no time to stop and photograpy. It was raining and we had a quick lunch and dinner and got to classes and the devotional. Maybe tomorrow. We are well and happy.

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