Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Day

We drove north to Libertad to spend a few days. We assumed the noise level at the house where we stay in San Jose would be unbearable. We came to the Phiedon Beach Resort. It is very nice up here. There are way fewer people and the area is very clean. We will drive up to Boracay this morning and look.

The weather had cleared in San Jose, so when we left yesterday it was quite sunny. We drove back into the Baggio, but we like it because it is cooler. The wind feels good and the rain. It sort of hampers resorters, but there are few here. There is a good resto here and we had a huge New Years Eve dinner last evening. I ate too late, 9pm, and don't feel so well this morning, but it was good. I ate too much meat. Back on the veggies today, but if we find some good sea food, I may indulge once again. 

Hope all have a fine, prosperous, Christ centered 2015. We pray for blessings for our family, immediate and extended family. We know those things upon which blessings are predicated. 

We are believers, and sometimes doers. We love God the Father, God The Lord and Master Jesus Christ and God the Holy Ghost. We know they are three seperate beings. We pray that God the Holy Ghost will minister to us and to our family and to those struggling to share the Gospel here, and all over this marvelous Earth.

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