Monday, December 15, 2014

Martes ang 16 Deceyembre

Tuesday morning. We just got home from district meetings. It was pretty good, but all the young missionaries were late. It is a problem for me, and I expect it will be a problem for them as they get into the real world. The Lord does not operate that way. I always think of President Hinckley telling us to, "Be on time, early."

We went to Iloilo yesterday and put the English test certificates in cargo for those we tested last week. It was a problem to get them finished as our computer was not working, but it is done now.

We took Elders Singley and Ortiz to the Day Inn for lunch. It was just an okay lunch, but the two AP's headed home this morning and we wanted to spend time with Elder Ortiz particularly. He was pretty low. He said it was low iron in the blood, but I think he is plain tired from the last weeks and he is not all that excited about going home and facing new challenges. The mission is truly a place of refuge and learning.

I painted a portrait of a little lady that works at the Day Inn restaurant. She has sort of a classic Asian appearance and I took a picture of her about a month ago. We took the picture for her and it was her day off. I placed a "Plan of Salvation" pamphlet in the folder with the picture. I wish I would have taken a picture of the portrait. It is the best I have done thus far. I was pretty duh!!! yesterday. I took no pictures of the porrtait, or of the Elders. I have some here of Elder Ortiz. I did take pictures of magnificent clouds that built up over the mountains west of the city.

President Amar repaired our computer yesterday and he is supposed to come over this morning and teach Tagalog. I have not studied for two weeks. I will need to review with him this morning. While waiting for him, I discovered that all our pictures, before the mission and during, that I hadsaved on the laptop are gone. So are all document files. Whoa. . . .hope that Pres. Amar's friend did something to back up the files when they worked it over. Man. . . . Maybe I don't have pictures of Elder Ortiz.

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