Saturday, December 13, 2014

Decyembre ang 14

Linggo alas siyete am

Getting a few things done this morning before we head to Bugasong with President Amar for meetings. Sister Taylor, now home in the US, has helped us get certificates printed for the missionaries we tested at the mission home last week. All the senior missionary computers have problems. Elder Streng's is a Mac and it has fewest, actually it has none, but it is older and one can't plug in things as easily. Also, they are in Kalibo at the northern end of the island and it is tough to get things done with them.

It has been a tough few weeks. President Amar was wrongly accused of a crime, assaulted, thrown in jail, had to be taken to the hospital, was finally exonerated of all charges and released. His little girl was mistakenly given kerosene mixed with her milk in her bottle. Thankfully it was mixed with milk and she threw up the mix. But she spent some time in the hospital.

The good side is, the Lord never rests. While in the hospital, President Amar taught two men and one of their wives about the church and they are getting prepared for baptism. Joseph is one of the guys. We hit it off pretty fast. He is a guy type guy.

We had District Priesthood Meeting yesterday, but a total of 21 attended including the leadership (2 of 5 Branch Presidents, one counselor, two of the district presidency and only 1 full time missionary whose companion is now in the office as an AP). The good part is the 5 who are advancing to the Melchizedek Priesthood attended and were sustained There should have been more, but . . .

The Christmas Programs were fun. Visiting with the other senior missionaries was fun. Seeing some of our favorite missionaries was super. Meeting new, upcoming favorites was good too. Being one of the actors in the skits was fun. I played king Noah who turned into a game show host in and RM's dream. It is a long story. I brought down the house with my line, "siyempre eh". Not sure why. I guess because it was native speech from an old fat white man. It was delivered after the RM tells the story of the First Vision. It means, "Of Course!". Filipino humor. They loved it and we sang and everyone had a fine time.

Sister Streng taught me about plant based eating. I watched the videos she recommended and started the program yesterday. It was a tough day, other than the fruit. It is tough finding things I like to eat. Last night I made some lentil soup and through in some rice noodles. It tasted a lot like sucking on cardboard. I have been knocking down the little native bananas, which I love. I have some mangoes and I am trying to make some red beans for red beans and rice. We will see. My hopes are high.
Elder Tolentino and Elder Tracy (middle) are companions. They were pretty much into the native dance. Elder Kellerstrass in the rear, concentrating on his steps. . . 

Anyway, another week down. It was stressful and joyful at the same time. We look forward to going back to Iloilo tomorrow and taking Elder Ortiz to lunch, with his companion. He will be leaving in a few days, so we want to see him and wish him well and we hope to keep up with him in his life. He is the Filipino son we didn't know we had.

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