Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Huwebes ang 17 sa Decyembre

Good day today. We walked and I felt pretty darn good.

President Amar and I went to Bugasong to meet with President Tandoy and train him on interviewing and conducting branch presidency meeting and branch council. We had a fine video that President Aquino gave us for training and we had a really good training. President Amar asked if Pres. Tandoy had ever had any training like this before and we were told that this was the first training on specific things that he has had. We assigned him to read chapter 4 in Handbook 2 Sunday when we were there. He did his assignment and we had a great discussion on meeting and agendas.

Sister S took a bunch of pictures of the Christmas Trees (contest) through Oton, on the way into Iloilo.

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