Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas in the Philippines is definitely different. The city of San Jose was absolutely bustling on the 24th and things started to slow down at dark. We heard some fireworks, but things were pretty quiet. The missionaries were told to be in their apartments by 7:00 pm. I went to buy some chickens for Christmas dinner, in case we didn't have enough turkey.

About 10:00 pm, the text messages started coming in from missionaries, members, leaders and friends. It was really fun. Nobody came to carol. Sister Palma's daughter shared some Christmas goodies with us and we just had a quiet evening.

Christmas morning we received a few more texts and we face timed with a few of the kids. We will do more today I think. Sister Sessions cooked All Day. I think she had fun, but now her feet and legs are killing her from standing on the tile all day. She had the house heated up so much that she had to take little breaks and sit in front of the aircon in the bedroom periodically.

The missionaries had baptisms and then came over at about 4:00. We ate and had a good devotional. It was a pretty nice day, but I am pleased it is over actually. I enjoyed the company more than I thought I would and the Sisters and Elder Robertson and Elder Egama sat in the front room and sang hymns softly while others cleaned-up. It was very pleasant.

This morning I go to Hamtic to a beach resort where the young men and young women are holding a camp-out. I am to speak to them about standards and camping. I have several things on my mind, but have not arrived at just what I will share yet. Hoping the Spirit will direct.

Somehow Sisters Smith and Haun didn't make it into any photos. I will try harder.

It rained a little during our devotional. I like the rain, but it will make it humid (more humid) today.
Poor photo, but Siter Smith and Haun helping Sister S. Elder Panganiban visited with them. Yes, that is a purple book bag around his shoulder. He loves purple. Purple ties abound.

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