Thursday, December 18, 2014

Biyernes ang 19 sa Decyembre

Friday . . . It has been a pretty good day. We picked up Elders Daniels and Comilang from the zone leader's apartment and drove them up to Tibiao. We helped them move and helped them get some needed things (table, dish storage shelf, mirror . . . ). We still need to find them a couple of desks. We drove up to Culasi, about two hours, and helped them move Elder Comilang's belongings from Culasi to Tibiao. We took them to lunch at Mama Mias and had a couple of opportunities to OYM. We saw the Elders at Culasi and photographed them with their new companions.
From Left: Elder Robertson (new district leader), Elder Coronel (brand new from Peru, by way of Florida), Elder Kellerstrass (training Elder Egama), Elder Egama, Elder Daniels and Elder Comilang. Elder Comilang is the veteran, going home next transfer.
We OYM'd the neighbors in Tibiao. John and Marisett. John is a fisherman. He makes his own paddles for his boat and he was making his own hooks outside his house. I bought two. It was amazing to watch him. Marisett was washing clothes, sitting on a stool that was about 4 inches tall. They were really nice and I told them the missionaries would be over to teach them. They were agreeable.
John uses a very heavy stainless steel wire and hand tools to form his hooks. First he files a point and a barb, then with his pliers and touch, he forms the hook. He snips off the length and forms the eye and they gives it a little extra touch-up to make sure it is sharp. He had a bunch of hooks made and hung just left and below his left hand. He makes two sizes, one larger than the other, but both are pretty large hooks.

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