Monday, December 29, 2014

Martes ang 30 Decyembre

Yesterday was P-day. We did nothing except washing for the Sisters and I painted a bit. We walked. It has been windy and quite pleasant. There is a Baggio coming through. It is likely messing up the Binarayan celebration for today. I fixed the rice cooker yesterday.

The missionaries cancelled the district meetings for today and Pres. Amar cancelled our language lesson. I was up at 5, studying, so I don't mind. I have a really good book on Tagalog, but a very weak memory.

So, today, I plan to get a haircut and some supplies. I don't know what Sister S is planning. I will probably paint more and if it stops raining, going on about 15 hours now, we will walk at Hamtic Beach this evening. 

I finished the Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price yesterday. Started the New Testament again this morning. That was the first time I read the complete D&C. I really liked it and had many spiritual times in the study and I learned a lot. 

Pres. Aquino has scheduled a Cluster Meeting to train branch leadership on Saturday. I am not optimistic that there will be a good turn-out for the meeting. Nothing changes. . . The church drags behind. I know that the members here do not know how the church actually operates and they are missing the blessings of the Lords Church by living so far below potential. It is a mystery to us, and we have been able to do so little, perhaps nothing, to improve the situation. . . Agency being what it is. . .

Here is my finished painting from yesterday. I like it, but will do it again, til I get what I want. The photographs do not give a good representation, but it is still weak. As with most art, there parts that came out well.

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