Thursday, December 11, 2014

Decyembre ang 12

Friday Morning:

We had two pretty stressful days in Iloilo doing CLS testing with the going home Elders. Our computers went south on us, but with the help of Elder and Sister Robinson and Elder and Sister Streng, we got them tested. I am still fighting my computer, which completed one test, then crashed big time.

We attended Christmas programs in the afternoons. The programs were done by zones. Our zone was celebrating yesterday. I will add pictures in a few minutes.

Sister S and I stayed at Days Inn and it was pretty nice. We had a wonderful breakfast yesterday morning and went back there with Strengs for lunch. It was nice and relaxing. We were pretty tired, so we left last night after gift exchange and dinner. We were so full from lunch that we ate very lightly, but enjoyed the missionaries and the festivities.

Major blessing, according to President Aquino . . . two pigs both nights. There was plenty of food and it was quite good.
Elders from our zone . . . from left to right, Elders Suerte, Guzman, Gan, Maneja, Dacutan, Comilang, Olivar and Nocom
Elders visiting with a sister. Elder Orr, Elder Kellerstrass behind E. Orr and Elder Robrtson grinning. Elder Tolentino standing middle.
Elder Seeds overseeing one of the games.
Elders Tolentino (middle), Elder Tracy and Elder Kellerstrass rocking out in the native dance during the zone program. Can't tell who the guy in front is as the camera was focused on Elder Tolentino.
Zone in the background. Sister Aquino and her RM son in front.

From Left: Elder Gaco (new AP), President Aquino, Elder Ortiz (going home AP and a great man) Elder Seeds and Elder Swan.
 It was a very good time for the Elders and Sisters. There were some sad faces as the Elders and Sisters going home in the next few days realized that this is almost over for them.

Hot this morning. I am catching up on my journal, Djulito is here cleaning the place. I will get the car washed and Sister Sessions is cleaning house. The Elders and Sisters are all still in Iloilo, traveling back I assume. Not much going on here beside HEAT and humidity.

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