Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decyembre 9

Tuesday. . .  District Meetings this morning. We had a great lesson by Elder Maneja. I think it was for me. It was all about judging others. We talked about the Savior, the only perfect judge, and how he did not ever judge others. Instead, he showed them mercy because of his love.

Elder talked about Stephen R. Covey and how he was the mission president for Elder Taylor (senior missionary who just went home from the Iloilo Mission.) President Covey taught that to be less judgemental, we must magnify our callings. In doing so, we do not judge. There could be no time to think negatively of others. We think only to serve others. We are to be examples, not critics. It was a fine lesson.

We practiced for the Christmas skits. I will try for many pictures. It will be fun. Sister Sessions and I leave in the morning early to do ELS language testing for missionaries who are heading home soon. Our Christmas Conference will be Thursday.

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