Sunday, December 7, 2014

Decyembre ang 8

 P-day. Sister Sessions is cleaning. I have been painting a little and trying to get the desktop to connect to the Internet, with no success. This thing seems to connect.

I put pictures and a message on Facebook yesterday morning using the I pad, but it did not get published. I tried to show that we had a little wind, but no problems.

Church yesterday was Sacrament Meeting only. It was a good meeting. The wind blew a while, then it rained just a little.

In the afternoon there was a brownout. A tower in Miagao fell, for whatever reason. . . Not strong enough wind to bother a good tee shot. They got power back about 7:00. It was actually the most pleasent day we have had. We opened all the windows and the breeze was nice and cool. I sat out on the porch and read scriptures. Sister Sessions made a ton of cookies and took them to the missionaries at their apartment. We went for a drive around Sibalom and out to Hamtic. The waves were about 2 feet, maybe.

This morning we had a good rain storm, but it only lasted about 10 minutes, but it ruined our walk. Maybe we'll go later this evening.

It appears that the typhoon turned back west and will be just below Manila about 60 KM maybe tomorrow. The reports say the winds are not terrible, but it appears, from the little bit of news I have been able to find, that flooding is a worry. We have heard that there have been no deaths.

All is fine here. Boring . . . We have nothing to do. We may go practice the Christmas skit for Wednesday festivities at the Mission Home, but that is not til 2:00 pm. I have taken no pictures for a few days. Looks like prayers worked, at least for the Iloilo Mission.

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