Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 Enero 2015

Sabado evening, about 4:30. We had Cluster Meeting at San Jose Chapel today. President Aquino and President Villoso came over from Iloilo with Sister Aquino, to meet with leadership and train and interview. The meetings started late about 20 minutes and there was only one branch president and one high counselor and the district presidency in attendance. I was actually ill, thinking they would not be coming. They started trickling in and after about an hour, all the branch presidents were there and a good many others in leadership. Embarrassing to see them all late, but I was so happy to see they came. Unfortunately, they missed a lot of good basic training that they all so desperately need.

Sister Aquino met and trained the Relief Society, Young Women's leaders and Primary presidencies. Sister Sessions said the meeting was pretty good. Ours was as well.

President Aquino mostly used videos to train, but they were great and they gave a good example of how the Church/presidents/bishops/leaders operate correctly. Now, if the Presidents will use the videos (they all received a copy) and their handbooks, and do . . .  the place can get off the ground floor. Ezekiel 3411, 15-56 tell how the Lord does His visiting. It is the same for our leaders. Visiting 1 on 1 and strengthening each other. I throw in Luke 15 (parables) to emphasize how the Lord feels about lost ones.

This afternoon, Pres. Aquiono set up interviews with branch presidents. I think that was a great idea. Hoping they went well. Hopefully, something will come of it. There is a base, but the Church in Antique is simply not functioning. President Aquino was pretty blunt in placing responsibility on leadership. We are praying for it to work. I do feel so much better today after being in the church for training and seeing my brothers and sisters there. I have been pretty down.
Plaza Christmas Tree in the barangay Malay on the way to Boracay. The bells are all baskets. Sister S. liked all the Christmas decorations around the island.

Sister S checking out sand sculptures on the beach in Boracay. All the sculptures were the same it turned out. They all just said Boracay January 1, 2015.

This is off the northwest shore out of Buruanga. It was windy and stormy. I tried to capture the rainbow over the horizon. The water was about 6-10 inches deep from the edge all the way out to where the waves were curling. Very pretty sights.

One finds chess games all over. It is very popular here. These men were playing in a little alley off the beach in Boracay. We have seen games going on in waiting sheds along the highway, outdoor markets and restos, all over.

Just a gang shot of folks walking along the strand above the beach. There are all sorts of people hustling sun glasses, selfie rods, massages food, trinkets, art (mostly caricatures) and anything else they can think of to make a few pesos. There are bars and restos and really nice hotels and resorts. One can rent motorcycles, get a ride on a sailboat, go diving or just sight seeing on a pumpboat.  It is the off season, so I imagine the place gets way crowded come summer (March)


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