Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 4

Disiyembre ang 4

Mission Presidency meeting yesterday in Iloilo. It was a good meeting. I expressed the many concerns I have for Antique District. President Villoso concurred with my assessment. President Aquino directed patience. We talked about many things, but it appears that the 3 districts, Antique, Guimaras, and Jordan are having the same problems. Antique has been suffering the longest, but we were all encouraged by President Aquino to be patient, teach correct principles, encourage scripture reading and handbook study, and be patient. Whoa. . .

Sister Sessions and I had to hurry yesterday as I had my language lesson with Pres. Amar and then we hit the road. We hurried to MacDonalds for some lunch. We had planned to go to the Moon Cafe for an attempted Mexican food lunch, but time was too short.

Sister Sessions had a chance to visit with the Office Elders/AP's and arrange some ELS testing for next wee. We will return to Iloilo for Christmas programs and tests on the 10th. We plan to stay at the Day's Inn that night and our Christmas program is on the 11th. We need to make reservations I suppose.

It was a long trip home in the dark last evening. We saw the Hamtic B missionaries and stopped to visit them. They are worried about typhoon Hagupit which is now out to sea, but approaching. We may feel the effects, and it may hit us, and it may ??? It will not be as nasty as Yolanda according to the US Navy. So, whatever. . .

Today we are going to try to meet Sister Gallarga and give her her mission call. We are excited to see her and hope President Nabong will be present. If he is, we will have him give her the calling papers as he is her BP and I think that would be cool for him to hand her her papers. I will try to get pictures. President Aquino directed me to instruct Pres. Nabong to interview her for her temple recommend and she will report to the mission home on 29 January. Pres. Aquino will set her apart and sign her recommend and she will fly out to the MTC on the 30th. Don't know which MTC, or to where she is called. It will be fun to find out.

Jeepney filled with coconuts. The side view was blurred, but it was riding low, totally filled with coconuts. It must be a harvest time for these. They are stacked all over at chungies right now. 
Here is something I have never seen, nor have any that I have talked with. This is a coconut (referring to the tree itself) that has a single trunk that forks into three about 5 feet above the ground. The three trunks are over powering the main trunk ant the owners are propping it up. Very weird.
Maybe some additions this evening . . .

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