Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Martes ang 23rd

District meetings this morning. Elder Chapman, our new DL, did a nice job. He used the scriptures and that usually insures a good lesson and lively discussion.

It was hot today, like when we first came. We did okay. We took the Hamtic Elders to visit James, and James is back on track to be baptized. We are praying for him.

Sister S invited the missionaries from the zone to Christmas dinner. It should be fun. We will have a little devotional as well. It just does not seem like any Christmas I have ever experienced. We will make it, and we love reading about all the preparation going on at home. 

Yesterday we went to Iloilo for groceries, to take receipts to the mission office, and just to have something to do. We had lunch at Day Inn. That was nice. Traffic was crazy. Christmas rushing around. 

Not much to tell. I finished a watercolor of missionaries. It is okay. 

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