Saturday, December 6, 2014


Ang Dec. 6

6:21 pm. The typhoon has affected the mission. I don't think there has been much going on in the way of sharing the Gospel these last few days. All the missionaries seem to be gathered at a few locations and they are doing, whatever. Perhaps that is their direction from Pres. Aquino. 

The typhoon appears to be north of Panay and seems to be heading in a north westerly path. It is very difficult to get accurate news, not on the television, or even on the internet. I have gone with the US Navy weather site. The alert system has Iloilo and Antique at level 1. That would be accurate. We have had winds this afternoon of about 18-20 mph. . . no big deal. And, we have had no rain. The skies are pretty clear right now and I could see the glow of the sunset over the trees. 

We walked this morning and took some foods to a member in the hospital. We cleaned up and went to buy rugs, broom and dust pan, pillows, etc. for the new zone leader's apartment. After that we had a rice lunch at Chow King and we have just been hanging out for the evening. 

I have read in the D&C and watched a Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes on Youtube. . . Circa 1946. Old Basil was a good one. 

Fast Sunday tomorrow. I am looking forward to Sacrament and the rest of the instruction and company. I fast for the typhoon to just fade out and I fast for those who will be affected if it does not fade.  It has been downgraded to a typhoon from super-typhoon, but still it may cause problems in the path. 

Here is a picture outside San Jose Chapel. Looks like a painting already. 

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