Thursday, September 4, 2014

Huebes ang 4

Just got home from the Sister Missionary Conference. It was very good and was held at a nice place. The staff was excellent.

Sister and Elder Streng arrived yesterday just before we left for the conference. They are from Vancouver, WA and seem very well suited to live here. They are travelers and I think they will be fine. I hope so. Elder and Sister Taylor did a little meeting with them this morning and Sister S and I sat in. They talked about what they do in the mission and Sister S and I talked a bit about that as well. President Aquino told me to be sure to tell the Strengs that their assignment would differ from ours and Taylors though. They are going to a stake and Taylors and we work in districts and only have branches and groups, so we are a bit busier with leader support.

Sister Sessions' talk was really excellent. The Sisters learned a lot from her last evening. I know that, because they were taking notes and several, including Sister Aquino, talked about they things they heard last night in their testimonies at the closing devotional this afternoon.

I will post her whole talk tomorrow.

A few pics:
Arrival. The Sister Missionaries rode jeepnies to the place. It was a terrible ride and road, but they made it okay.
You note Sister Viliami next to Sister Sessions . . . SMILE

Sister Sessions Rockin-out. . . Poor picture. I tried to fix it, but was not very successful.

Bon Fire. A nice one. The Sisters did some skits and the office Elders did a fire dance. Sister Sessions and Sister Taylor made cookies for snacks. The cookies were a hit again

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