Sunday, September 21, 2014

Domingo sa 21

Long Sabbath Day in the truck. I picked up Brother Tagala at 6:45 and Pres Villavert and Pres. Villoso met us at the church at 7:00. Pres. Villoso is 1st Councelor in the Mission Presidency. He was assigned to come to Antique and interview and visit. Plans are in the works I suppose.

We drove to Bugasong and Pres. Interviewed the Elders and Pres. Tandoy, the Bugasond Branch President. We stayed and attended Priesthood. Good lesson being in, and not of the world. We took off for Hamtic about 10:15.

I packed some pogy bait for the drive. About half way to Hamtic I stopped the truck and got pineapple juice and trail mix out. Pres. Villoso left Iloilo on a Ceres bus at4:30. I figured he would need a little fuel. We had a nice snack as we drove. 

Turned out we could attend Priesthood at Hamtic. They were planning and had dates and names recorded on the board. Hamtic is advancing 8 men to the Melchizedek Priesthood in December. I was impressed. The brethren there are getting used to me, so they kidded me unmercifully about my attempts to speak Kinaray-a. Good guys.

Pres. Did a couple of interviews there and we headed to San Jose. I dropped of Alan and Pres. Villavert and took Pres. Villoso home for a bite. Sister S. Fixed us a baked potato with cheese and chili. Then, because we couldn't stand to think of Pres. Riding a bus another three hours, we loaded the pogy bag and drove him back to Iloilo. We had fun talking about the district and members. Sister and I dropped him off and headed home. Traffic both ways was fairly light. We were back at the house by about 5:30.
Stopped for a break on the way home from Iloilo. I snapped a few pictures of the stream and the river before we went over the pass for San Jose.

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