Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sabado ang 6 Septiembre

Long day. I got to the church at 7:30 because I thought (was told) the presidents would do interviews with prospective elders and temple recommends starting at 8:00. I was there alone until about 8:30 and Deuliot showed up for an interview. We waited until about 9:10 and President Vilosso showed up. To make a long story short, everything was very late, but Jerry and Deulito got their interviews and will advance in the Priesthood.

It was a pretty good leadership meeting (We thought it was supposed to be a priesthood meeting, so Sister S stayed home), except very few, very few, showed up; only two branch presidents. President Aquinto gave some pretty pointed directions in leadership meeting and in the adult session this afternoon. Now we will see if his direction will be followed.

President mentioned that in the Tacloban rebuilding efforts, it was written in the Tacloban newspaper that only three organizations responded consistently to the needs of the people; the Mormons, The LDS Church, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Funny . .  .

He also told a story of an orator who spoke in Carnegie Hall. The audience loved his eloquent deliveries and at the end of his performance, an audience member asked him to read the 23rd Psalm. He had done this at other performances. The actor consented and read the psalm to tremendous roaring shouts and applause . . . He then called an old man up from the audience; and old, old man. He asked the old man to read the psalm.

The old man did so. His voice was a bit raspy and he read with deep feeling and trembling. At the end of his reading, the audience sat in silence, tears running, sniffling was heard . . . the orator said, "When I read the psalm you were overjoyed, but when you heard him, you were moved to tears. Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason you feel so moved is, (pointing to the old man) he knows the Shepherd."

I do so want to know the Shepherd. I do love being on a mission with all the opportunities to see the Shepherd's work, to participate, now and then, in His ministry. I love the study and the insights I receive in the scriptures from God the Holy Ghost.I do believe we are getting to know the Shepherd a little.

Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are the sheep of His fold;
Dear is the love that he gives them, (us)
Dearer than silver or gold.
Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are His "other" lost sheep,
Over the mountains He follows,
Over the waters so deep. . . .

You get the idea.

I am blessed to be a product of the "rescue,"  a lost sheep, the lost silver coin, a prodigal son . . . that it pleases me greatly to focus on inviting back the less actives. I love it when they accept the invitation and we are so pleased to see our brothers and sisters return to the church and sit with us and enjoy being back. They are my focus. They are precious to the Lord. They are our brothers and sisters.

With searching out the less actives, and the other things we try to do, I believe we will be busy for the next months.

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